Bootleggers Grille Young Harris GA

Bootleggers Grille

Perhaps our best turnaround story. We took a crumbling seafood restaurant on the brink of disaster and created the fastest growing restaurant in North Georgia. How much restaurant experience did we have? Zero. Nada. You gotta read this one.

THE Turnaround

The Challenge

Lobstas SeafoodAn expensive and overpriced steak and seafood restaurant located in the Mountains of North Georgia. No market. Terrible management and ownership. No marketing. No advertising. No cash reserves. Basically we had a recipe for THE Challenge. This situation had the unique quality of nothing being done correctly. Literally – nothing. Huge challenges usually equal huge opportunity. We dove right in.

The Solution

Bootleggers GrilleISG came in on March 1 2017. We had one month to turn this place into something that would be attractive to both the local market as well as the tourist markets. No time. No money. No people. We took the restaurant from an overpriced seafood palace to a family-friendly, low-cost burger restaurant. We created 16 custom burgers and named them after different entities in the community. Not only did we hit a home-run – this was a grand slam in game 7 of the World Series!

The Numbers Don't Lie

Don’t ever kid yourself. Numbers do not lie.


Creative Rebranding


Social Media Marketing


Responsive Website

Number of Days

Sales From $6000 to $47000

We rocked it in 30-days from a gross monthly revenue of around $6000 to $47000 the first month and upwards from that point. Killed it.

The Market

We found the market. Delicious burgers fit everyone – from locals to tourists.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

The decor had to go. We matched the decor with the new menu. Family-friendly, comfortable, and fun.

The Right People

We turned the local Workforce on it’s head. The best people WANTED to work at Bootleggers.

  • Creativity Score 90%
  • Techie Score 70%
  • Marketshare – Local 80%
  • Marketshare – Tourists 80%

The Results Were Amazing

Inbound Solutions Group are specialists when it comes to struggling businesses that need to be turned around. We can do it. Bootleggers Grille took a massive amount of work – physical AND mental. The sense of urgency and commitment level is off the chart if you want to complete a project like this. It’s certainly not a get rich quick deal but it does put you in a position to do some great things down the road. These results were astounding – even by our standards.